Nepal Wireless Project

Nepal Wireless Networking Project is a not-for-profit making initiative running in the rural areas of Nepal since 2002. It was started to find ways to bridge digital divide between urban and rural areas of Nepal and is inspired by social cause for the socio economic transformation of rural areas of Nepal by optimum use of information and communication technologies.  

The project is promoting wireless technologies by connecting rural side to urban areas so that the transfer of technologies from urban to rural area would be possible through Internet. It is using wireless frequency of 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz of ISM band, which are de-licensed ban in Nepal. As of  December, 2013 it has been able to connect more than 175 remote villages in 15 districts of Nepal.


•  E-education, digital literacy and tele-training

•  Tele– medicine, e-health training

•  Local E-commerce, e-banking  and remittance services

•  Research and Development and Climate change monitoring


• E-Education – Increase the quality and educational opportunities in rural communities by creating tele – teaching programs and by making e- learning materials accessible to students, teachers and villagers through online and offline e-libraries.

• E-Health – Connect the rural health clinics and health workers to the doc- tors in city hospitals in order to pro- vide medical assistance through tele– medicine programs and health training through audio video conferencing.

• Communication – Make the Internet available for the use of email, for community discussion through bulletin boards and increase communication facilities by providing Internet phone system for the villagers.

 • Local e-commerce – Help villagers to provide information of their products in the local market through a system called Haatbazar and bring remittance services

Job creation – Generate jobs in the rural areas for the younger generation through ICT related services

•  Research and Development and Climate Change Monitoring – Do research and development works to find ways to optimize the benefit of the information technologies to rural people. Also help researchers of climate change monitoring projects to collect real time data through the Internet 

You can see more details on official website of Nepal Wireless