About Us

ENRD Vision

A rural community in which all people have easy and equitable access to the ICTs so as to develop their equitable access to the ICTs so as to develop their livelihood and build democratic society

ENRD Mission

To empower and support rural community in and through the use of information and communication technologies to deliver social services for the purpose of accessing equatable participatory opportunity on knowledge based society building process

ENRD being involved in different social activities have following primary goals


Nepal Wireless Project from ENRD(operation region)

  • To provide quality education from tele-teaching and e-learning process
  • To provide quality health system from tele-medicine and e-health process
  • To provide marketing of rural products from local e-commerce system
  • To provide the facilities of sharing loal knowledge among communities through content management system
  • To provide the local e-governance system to local community

LONG Term Goal

The long term goal of the ENRD is to maximize the benefits of the information communication technology for the rural population in rural communities in order to make their life easier and more enjoyable

Major Activities

ENRD has been involved in different programs related to rural communication centers of Nepal wireless networking project

  • E-mail Internet Access:  Organization is providing free access of E-mail Internet to students,teachers, community members and taking limited charge for business people and tourist
  • Computer Training: ENRD has been providing computer hardware and software training to the rural students, teachers and communication center operators
  • E-Learning: ENRD is promoting education in rural areas through E-learning web based tools for students REand teachers
  • Local Content Development ENRD is involving in documenting and packaging local content in local language. It is using PRA tool for collecting indigenous knowledge from the community people. Same methodology is used to identify the need of content for community. Content are disseminated through community radio, Audio/Video tape, wall news papers, internet, intranet in communication center etc. and enforcing ICT policies
  • Social Service delivery; ENRD encourage villagers to use wireless network for share information related to education, health, local e-commerce, government announcement and local e-governance services. Tele-medicine, tele-teaching are the major activities in Nepal Wireless Project areas. ENRD is the first organization which has introduced E-Governance training cum-study program in Nepal
  • ICT Awareness: ENRD has mobilize community to aware about ICT and it’s uses in their daily life.Every year ENRD conduct ICT awarness programs in village where wireless network is connected.
  • Research: ENRD is regularly conducting social and technical researches in the Wi-fi network connected areas to monitor and evaluate the ongoing project. Professional social and technical researchers frequently involved in the research programs to introduce new program activities and extension of the project. Workshops/Consultation meetings .  ENRD often organizes National workshops and consultation meeting to promote ICT in the different sectors. Many consultation meetings are conducted to influence concerned authorities for developing.