Partner organizations/institutions

ENRD is working with the following partners to implement the project in rural areas.

  1. Amakomaya Apps Pvt. Ltd, Nepal’s First Mobile health solution
  2. Open Learning Exchange Nepal for developing and implementing educational contents and e-library materials for the school children.
  3. Japan International ICT Association (JIIA) for technical collaboration
  4. ITU Association of Japan (ITUA-J) for technical support
  5. Nihon Software Engineering Co. for software design of the children tracking system
  6. Annapurna Area Conservation Project for the implementation of trekker tracking system in Annapurna region.


Amakomaya Mobile Apps project is an easy and handy web-application designed and developed to support the pregnant women at the pregnancy period by providing the information about the change in her body during pregnancy period and safe pregnancy related information by the use of internet and mobile technology. By the use of internet, pregnant women can register to the application for the new account and by the use of username and password, pregnant women on her pregnancy period can get safe pregnancy information on audio, text and video content. Even these contents are supported on mobile. aims to inform and empower low-income, expectant mothers during her pregnancy and child delivery period as well as care during her pregnancy period and focuses the health of maternal, newborn and child health.

For more information please visit

Wireless Networking Projects

ENRD completed the following major projects since 2009 with the financial support from different organizations. Apart from the list of the major projects given below, Nepal Wireless did several ICT related projects including computer training programs in different parts of Nepal with the initiative of local people.

  1. 1. ENRD connected 9 villages of Myagdi and Mustang district with the financial support of Asia Pacific Telecommunity and Mustang District government in 2009.
  2.  2. It received AU$30,000 grant for capacity building for the wireless technicians and local Internet center operators in 2010.
  3.  3. Asia Paicific Telecommunity provided support worth US$54,000 to develop video conferencing application for tele-teaching and tele-training program. ENRD developed the application using OpenMeetings, which is an open source. The system is now being used by Patan Hospital for tele-conferencing.
  4.  4. ENRD built wireless network in 2011 in Annapurna Base Camp area with the financial support from Annapurna Conservation Area Project and local communities and brought Internet for the schools and lodges.
  5.  5. ENRD build wireless network in Manaslu region of Gorakha district in 2013 with the financial support from SNV Nepal. The goal was to bring Internet to schools, clinics, Buddhist monasteries and tourist lodges. The second goal is to promote tourism in the region using Internet.

 Current Project in 2013 and 2014

ENRD has recently completed APTJ3 project in March 2014. The project was funded by Asia Pacific Telecommunity. The title of the project was “Pilot Project for the Establishment of Village Internet Shops Fully Powered by Solar Energy in nine Villages of Rural Nepal to Provide Multiple ICT Services and For the Deployment of Wireless Tracking System for Trekkers on the Mountain Trails for Safety”. ENRD set up the tracking system in Annapurna region of Nepal. Detail information about the system and how it is working is available at

Also the villages Internet shops were set up in 10 villages. The names of the villages are Niskot, Okhareni, Tikot, Tolka, Nangi, Tikot, Paudwar, Aula, Bandok and Khopra. The Internet shop has planned to provide as many services available as possible for the villagers. The target services are given as follows.

i.  SIP Telephone Service
ii.  Village Cyber Café Service
iii.  Computer and Internet Training Service
iv.  Photocopy, Scanning, Digital Photo, Printing and Local E-commerce Service
v.  Tele-medicine Service
vi.  Internet Customer Service
vii.  Money Transfer/Remittance Service
viii.  Mobile Banking Service
ix.  Credit Card Transaction Service
x.  IT Equipment, Electronic Gadget and Solar Power Accessories Sale Service
xi.  Computer, Mobile and Electronic Equipment Repair Service

 image001  image002

Solar Panel Installation in Paudwar village

Solar panel Installation in Tikot village

 image004  image003

Internet Center in Nangi

Internet Center in Tikot village

All of the Internet Shops are now providing several of the services as mentioned above such as SIP phone service, Internet service, secretarial services, and computer training to the rural people. Three Internet centers (Tikot, Nangi, and Aula) are providing telemedicine services. For Internet centers (Okhareni, Tikot, Aula and Nangi).are providing remittance service. The telemedicine and remittance services will be expanded to more centers of other village in future, when the villagers will be ready to do that. The reason we could not set up telemedicine service in all the Internet centers is because there are no health workers in every village. Most of the villages where ENRD has set up Internet center have no clinics. In some villages, the villagers have set up a small clinic in order to provide basic health services. Therefore it will take time to start e-health in other villages until a health worker is available.

 image005  image006

Solar panel installation in Aula village

Internet Center in Aula village

Out of the proposed eleven services ENRD has not been able to provide mobile banking, and credit card transaction services so far because we are still negotiating with the commercial banks to bring the services. They are saying that they have been doing some pilots of branchless banking service and it will take a while for them to implement it on full scale. Therefore it is going to take some more time to make that happen.

 image007  image008

Solar Installation in Okhareni Village

Internet Center in Okhareni village