1. Final Report of APTJ3 Pilot Project for Developing Village Internet Shops and Installing Trekkers Tracking System in Nepal

Short Description:- Introduction of E-Networking Research and Development and the APT J3 2012 Project

This is the final report from E-Networking Research and Development (ENRD) of the APT J3 2012 project started in Nepal with the financial support from Asia Pacific Telecommunity. Theenrd title of the project is “Pilot Project for the Establishment of Village Internet Shops Fully Powered by Solar Energy in Ten Villages of Rural Nepal to Provide Multiple ICT Services and For the Deployment of Wireless Tracking System for School Children and Trekkers on the Mountain Trails for Safety. Some photos of the installation, visit of Japanese experts to Nepal and the technical details of the project are included in the report.

E-Networking Research and Development (ENRD) is a NGO recognized by the government of Nepal and is the affiliate member of APT since 2009. As part of its mission, ENRD has been running Nepal Wireless Networking Project in the Himalayan villages to bring Internet. The project was informally started in 2002 from Himanchal High School of Myagdi district of Nepal at grassroots level. At the beginning it was started with the technical support of national and international volunteers. Still there are some volunteers to help but now ENRD has fulltime engineers and technicians working to build wireless networks and maintain them.

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2. Empowering mountain community to maintain and build wireless network through localized support kit and training

April 1, 2010 to February 28, 2011

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3.Final Report of APTJ2 Project for Developing Multi-destination Video Conferencing System Using Open Source in Nepal

April 26, 2012

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